A personal loan can be a wonderful thing – just when given by the dear family. The fact that things can turn out quite differently has been felt these days by a 53-year-old retiree, who was pulled by her own mother in front of the Wadi.

Actually, it was about a relatively ridiculous amount in dispute of 250 euros. This sum was the share of 53-year-old Virginia S. in a personal loan , which should benefit her own brother. After he was in financial distress in South America, the family council had decided to help the youngest member of the family.

First, the older brother had tried in vain to get a loan until finally his mother, the 78-year-old Geronia B. from Waldheim in Saxony, took the book in hand and then received a loan of 1,700 euros. After being transferred to South America, the amount should be allocated to each of the six family members. However, it came to a dispute, the 58-year-old early retiree refused to repay their share of 250 euros to the mother – allegedly because they can not afford it.

Thereupon it came to a civil suit of the mother against the own daughter, which was negotiated now by the district court Doubleln. The result: The daughter Virginia S. has to pay the 250 euros. The judge had given more credence to the opposite statements of two sisters of Virginia S., who were named as witnesses by their mother, than the defendants’ accounts that she had never agreed to pay their share.

It seems doubtful that the family peace can be restored by this judgment. According to the judge, a written credit agreement within the family is not necessary – but in that case it would have been more than appropriate.