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A cash loan by many of us is called a cash loan and both terms are very often used interchangeably. In principle, we mean the same product, that is, a loan for any purpose.

A cash loan is a consumer loan, which must be intended for a purpose written in the contract, whereas a cash loan may be used for any purpose. The Bank is not interested in whether we have spent the money we received for a holiday trip to Greece or for a flat renovation or a car purchase. The bank is only interested in paying our liabilities in a timely manner and in installments included in the contract.

In order to receive a cash loan at the bank, we must demonstrate adequate creditworthiness and creditworthiness. Both of these factors are decisive if you get a loan in the bank. Credit credibility means checking our credit history at Database otherwise. If it is positive, then everything is ok. If negative, the probability of obtaining a bank loan is negligible.

What affects and how to improve your creditworthiness.

In this article, we will mention only a few basic elements that affect the assessment of creditworthiness. These are:

  • net income,
  • number of people in the household,
  • the sum of monthly income,
  • the sum of monthly liabilities,
  • maintenance expenses (monthly),
  • the sum of limits on credit cards,
  • credit obligations,
  • place of residence,
  • type of employment,
  • seniority,
  • the age of the borrower.

Each bank calculates creditworthiness in a similar manner, but the factors taken into account may have different weight. And that’s why we will not get a loan at one bank, and yes in another.

Cash loans loan calculator

Cash loans loan calculator

If you want to estimate the installment amount with specific parameters, use the calculator below. Just enter the amount of funding and the time you would like to borrow money to get the calculation. You will contact the selected bank by filling out a short online form. A representative of the bank will contact you by phone.

The cost of cash loans depends on many different factors. The bigger the loan and the loan period, the higher the costs. The cost of the liability is influenced by, inter alia, interest (we will pay more, the longer we will pay back) and additional fees. A customer who has a high scoring score at the bank can count on a much more favorable loan condition.

Generally, every future borrower must pay attention to the following elements:

  • nominal interest rate on the loan, i.e. how much we pay interest on the cash loan.
  • commission, i.e. a one-off payment, which the bank charges for granting a loan and can have a fixed value or most often it is a certain percentage of the value of the loan granted. It can be added to the first installment or credited, i.e. spread over installments.
  • insurance – is aimed at securing the bank in case the borrower eg loses his job, gets sick or other accidents that have a direct impact on his ability to pay his debt. Remember! If you decide to buy additional insurance, check them carefully! It can significantly increase the monthly installment of the loan.

Cash loan installment calculator – quick calculation of estimated installments, review of bank proposals and contact with a selected bank via the Internet. Check where you can borrow the cheapest! Compare total costs or APY of the loan.