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Credit Holidays – What is it? | Problems with Repayment of the Loan Installment

  The problem with repayment of the installment When paying off the loan every month, we transfer a certain amount of installment to the financial institution to settle the debt. Sometimes, however, we may find ourselves in a situation in which repayment becomes…


Family quarrel over personal loan ends in court

A personal loan can be a wonderful thing – just when given by the dear family. The fact that things can turn out quite differently has been felt these days by a 53-year-old retiree, who was pulled by her own mother in front…


How to choose the best payday loan online?

  The market of loans granted via the Internet is growing every year. And no one is surprised. We have the 21st century! The Americans are sending cars to Mars, and Stockholm, awarding the Nobel Prize in medicine this year, shared the information…


Official loan with special conditions

  Time and again, the term “civil service loan” appears on credit calculators. At first glance, the topic is self-explanatory, a loan for civil servants. But what is it about, why is there such a loan. Read for a critique It is…


What happens if I do not pay the mortgage?

When we decide to embark on a mortgage loan we rarely consider that at some point we will face an adverse situation that forces us to stop paying the installments. However, this is a real possibility that thanks to the crisis experienced thousands…


Loans To Protesters And Bad Payers: The Complete Guide

Loans to protesters and bad payers are a financing opportunity sought with particular interest by all those who have had past financial problems but urgently need liquidity: unfortunately when it ends up being reported in the data archives consulted by banks and financial…


Cash Loan Installment Calculator

Cash loan in bank calculator. Quick estimation of loan installments, depending on the loan amount and repayment time. Comparison of banks and contact with the selected via the internet. See for further editorial A cash loan by many of us is called…